Provider Application Fees

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Approved Provider Fee Information

As of July 1, 2017, all Approved Provider applicants will pay an application fee based on the below fee structure. This fee is paid once at the time of application and is not due again until the next renewal application is submitted in 3 years.

Type of Organization  Fee 
 College/University  $1750
 Specialty Nursing Organization  $1750
 Health-Related Organization  $2000
 Multidisciplinary Education Group  $2000
 Professional Nursing Education Group  $2000
 Healthcare Facility/Governmental Entity
*Assume 1.5 RNs/Bed
 1.5-299 RN FTE $1750
300-699 RN FTE $2250
>/=700 RN FTE $3000
 Healthcare System $3500 

Organization Type Definitions:
  • College/University: An institution of higher education with authority to award degrees in nursing 
  • Specialty Nursing Organization: A nursing body with a majority (>50%) of voting members who are registered nurses practicing in a specialized nursing area as defined in the organization’s governing documents 
  • Health-Related Organization: Organizations that support healthcare delivery or services but do not provide direct patient/clinical care 
  • Multidisciplinary Education Group: A continuing education provider for nursing and other disciplines 
  • Professional Nursing Education Group: A continuing education provider for nurses only 
  • Healthcare Facility: An organization that provides healthcare services (i.e. hospitals, hospice, outpatient facilities, medical offices, clinics, long-term care) OR agencies that supply healthcare workers to organizations, including homes 
  • Governmental Entity: A governmental entity that provides nursing services 
  • Healthcare System: An organization with 1-5 Facilities/Entities/Organizations that provide healthcare services 
  • Other: If organization type is not listed above, consult with the Director of Nursing Education 

Regular processing time for Approved Provider Applications is 90 days. Processing time begins when VNA has received your complete application and full payment. If your application and payment are received 75-89 days prior to your expiration, an additional rush fee of $600 will be incurred. This fee is in addition to the regular processing time fee. Applications received less than 75 days prior to your expiration will be placed in the next review cycle and the applicant will be unable to award contact hours during this time.