Provider Resources

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If you are interested in becoming a Provider, click here.

Planning Resources
For general information, click here to download the 2015 ANCC Primary Accreditation Approver Application Manual. This manual contains the standards for Approved Providers.

The ANCC Content Integrity Standards for Industry Support in Continuing Nursing Educational Activities can be found here

Approved Provider Updates are held online quarterly and are open to all VNA Approved Providers. For information on upcoming sessions, visit our Upcoming Events page.

Approved Provider Planning Templates
Please utilize these Approved Provider Planning templates developed by the ANCC:
Approved Provider Planning Form (Required)
Approved Provider Education Planning Table (Optional)
Approved Provider Conflict of Interest Form  (Required)
Approved Provider Commercial Support Form (Required).

Annual Reporting
Annual Provider Reports are due by midnight on February 28, 2017. Submit your reports via our online portal.  Click here to download the Annual Provider Report form.

Notification of Changes to Your Program
The Primary Nurse Planner or designee must notify VNA within thirty days of any change in the accredited organization affecting accreditation or information submitted in accreditation application materials, including but not limited to:
  • Changes that alter the information provided in the application, including change of address or name;
  • A decision not to submit self-study written documentation after application;
  • Change in Primary Nurse Planner;
  • Change in Nurse Planners;
  • Suspension, lapse, revocation, or termination of the nursing license of the Primary Nurse Planner or Nurse Planner(s);
  • Change in ownership; and
  • Indication of potential instability (e.g., labor strike, reduction in force, bankruptcy).
Click here to notify VNA of any of the above changes to your program.
If you are changing your Primary Nurse Planner, you must submit a new Bioform. Click here to download a VNA-approved Bioform.